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Mamadou Sakho Is Very Happy To See Blaise Matuidi

Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho is one of the happiest dudes in the Premier League. We offer as evidence this video of Sakho zooming around Paris on a motorbike talking to himself in French. He spies former PSG and current France international teammate Blaise Matuidi standing by a car and just has to pull over and say hello.

Now, Matuidi is a certified French football star. He's the midfield anchor of one of the best national squads around and a vital part of PSG, one of the best club squads in Europe (certainly the best team in France). When he's out in public, he gets yelled at by random passerby. It just comes with the territory.

That's why it makes sense that when Sakho pulls up beside Matuidi and starts yelling "Blaise! Blaise!" Matuidi looks less than thrilled. Just leave him alone, why don't you,random person in Paris. Then he sees it's his buddy Mamadou and he lets his guard down. All the while Sakho is yelling like it's his best day ever.

Given that w're talking about Mamadou Sakho here, it probably is his best day ever. Because every day is the best day ever for Mamadou Sakho.

A quick aside about using a video camera while riding a motorbike: don't do it. It's bad. Unless it's a helmet cam. Then it's fine. We're not quite sure what Sakho's method for filming this encounter was, but we're hoping for helmet cam. For safety.

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