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Losing Your Phone Is A Bad Thing...Unless You're This Liverpool Fan

In case you missed it, Liverpool versus Borussia Dortmund was pretty intense. Liverpool went 2-0 down, then 3-1 down and somehow came back to win 4-3 (5-4 on aggregate). Liverpool were doomed to exit on the away goal rule before a dramatic Dejan Lovren header sent Liverpool through to the Europa League semi-finals and sent the home fans into hysterics. Somewhere amidst the chaotic revelry was Liverpool fan Liamie Marum, who had no idea that he was about to have a Mamadou Sakho selfie surreptitously planted on his phone. 

Like most Liverpool fans at that stage, Marum was completely drunk on adrenaline as the players ran over to his side of the pitch to celebrate. At some point, Marum lost his phone. Now, when that happens to any of us, we make peace with the fact that it's just gone, right? Well, the gods were apparently smiling upon Mr. Marum on this day. A security guard noticed the phone and returned it to him in his seat at the Kop End, and well...we'll let his Facebook post tell the rest: 

Mamadou Sakho selfie

See if you can spot him. It's like Where's Waldo. Photo: @MirrorFootball | Twitter

How about that? Apparently, the Frenchman had also noticed the phone and decided to take a quick impromptu Mamadou Sakho selfie with Divock Origi. We think it's safe to say that was a night that Liamie Marum won't forget for a long time. We can imagine it now. 

"Grandad. Why do you have a framed Mamadou Sakho selfie on the wall?"

"Sit down boy. I'm going to tell you a story." 

(H/T Independent

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