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La Liga's President Says PSG Is "Peeing In The Pool"

La Liga president Javier Tebas is not happy with PSG's handling of Financial Fair Play rules this summer. Could that be because PSG bought one of his league's most marketable stars, a player who was sure to be the face of the league in a few years' time, for an exhorbitant price and one of the giants of his league couldn't hang on to said young star? Is Javier Tevas extremely bitter about this?

You be the judge, based on Tebas' fantastic quote while speaking at a conference in Manchester:

“We’ve caught [PSG] peeing in the swimming pool and Neymar is peeing off the diving board.”

The imagery! Peeing off the diving board! Javier Tebas is an eloquent man. He also criticized Manchester City and Chelsea, saying all three clubs use the wealth of their owners to artificially inflate cash flow and circumvent Financial Fair Play. Which, I mean, duh.


Of course they're doing that. Why wouldn't they do that? What's the point of having rich owners if one's club isn't going to do that? Isn't that a thing everyone complains about when their owners aren't doing it?

Real Madrid and Barcelona are both owned by their supporters, but they've been doing the type of thing Tebas is complaining about for decades. They're still doing it! Ask Borussia Dortmund. Sounds like Javier Tebas is mad he doesn't have the biggest McMansion on the block any more. The neighbors are richer than me! It's not fair!

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