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This Keeper Didn’t Just Make The Game Winning Save. He Hit The Winning Shot.

The FA Cup match between West Ham and Everton had already been one for the ages. A brilliant free-kick goal put the teams on equal footing, and the following extra time had two goals of its own. 

The extra period would finish 2-2, West Ham and Everton tied, after which the game went to penalties. After fifteen (FIFTEEN!!!) penalty takers had stepped up to the spot, West Ham goalkeeper Adrián was faced with making yet another save, this time against the other team's goal keeper, Joel Robles. Fate called Adrian's name, and boy did he ever answer.

No only did Adrian save Joel's penalty, he scored teh game winnign penalty with the very next kick. When has a goalkeeper ever done that before?

Adrián's entire vibe throughout his PK is just about as badass as you can get. His gaze before he starts his run-up is Clint Eastwood-esque. He drops his gloves and starts his approach in one fluid motion. As if he were saying, “I am not a goalkeeper anymore” without saying anything at all. Just writing this makes us want to watch it again and again.  

Swag, thy name is Adrián.

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