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39K Fans Watched Juventus Women Debut In Allianz Stadium

It's not everyday that you see a women’s professional team pack a stadium, especially women’s soccer. However, the reigning Serie A Women champion packed the house this past Sunday during its match against Fiorentina, reaching an Italian record of 39,027 fans in attendance. 

Not only was history made by the influx of fans in attendance for an Italian women’s match, but it was the first time ever that the Juventus women got to play on the big stage at Allianz Stadium. Unlike their normal pitch — they usually play at the club’s training facility in Vinovo — Allianz adds an extra 14,000 seats for spectators.

The appreciation players felt from their fans was indescribable because they never got to experience an environment with so many people chanting and cheering them on. With the pressure from the crowd and the nerves to defend their Serie A title, this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

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They got to feel all the emotion and vibes that the Juventus men's team receives. Although it may be to a different extent, they got a brief snippet of what it's like to play in a packed house and in a professional stadium. 

Having this many people attend an Italian women’s soccer match may have you wondering what the catch was to get almost 40,000 people in attendance. Well, unfortunately there was one. The tickets for the game were actually free, which allowed anyone and everyone of all ages to attend.

Despite the free entry, Juve got the three points and the side was extremely thankful for the support from everyone that came out. 

Women’s football continues to grow, and the overall attendance record for any women’s match stays in the hands of those that played in the 1999 World Cup final. A whopping 90,185 people witnessed some of the USWNT’s greatest players defeat China 5-4 on penalties at the Rose Bowl in California. 

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