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Jurgen Klopp, The Man Who Made Dortmund, Is Looking For His Next Challenge.

The man who led Borussia Dortmund above and beyond everyone’s expectations during his seven year spell has now spoken out about returning to football since leaving the club. The German manager who is currently in a hiatus in his career to “take stock of the countless memories” has hinted at where he may end up when returning to football. 

“I’m really very relaxed - but only because I know that is how it goes sometimes. I’ll be back to train a team. It must be somewhere in the world that is not an absolute top club, there are other good projects that are exciting who need help” Klopp told journalists at the International Radio Exhibition.  

No matter how badly BVB fans might wish it, odds are Klopp won’t be making a surprise return to his former club in light of Tuchel’s current success. With that out of the question, how small of a club does Klopp wish to join? When he joined BVB in 2008 the club finished 13th the year before. His first year in charge boosted the club up by seven places and then later on to Champions League Final. It’s no doubt that any club who has the fortune of signing Jurgen Klopp will have the potential to become a real threat. 

In an interview with Sky Deutschland, Jurgen Klopp admitted that taking over Pep Guardiola’s position could be a tempting offer. His ability to overcome the German giants in his first season in charge of Dortmund caught the eyes of many. Why would anyone not want a chance at managing one of the best clubs in the world? Klopp would be a natural fit in the Bayern Munich club, but as he well knows, it comes with high expectations of success in the Bundesliga and Europe.  

Klopp could wear the red of his enemies

Jurgen Klopp could be reunited with many of his former players. Photo: @iMiaSanMia | Twitter

Without a doubt Klopp will be spoiled for choice when determining what club he will manage when announcing his return to football. Only time will tell where the mastermind of Borussia Dortmund will go.    

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