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Juanfran Is So Sad About His Penalty Miss He Wrote A Letter To Atleti Fans About It

After missing the penalty that allowed Real Madrid to triumph over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final Saturday, Atletico fullback Juanfran was so sad he wrote an open letter to Atleti fans promising the future will be better.

(Side note: the moment when Juanfran ran over to the Atleti fans to beg forgiveness for the penalty miss and they gave him a standing ovation was beautiful.)

Here's the letter in full:

Hello Atléticos, 

I have asked the club to address all of you with this letter to tell you everything I feel.  

I will never forget your displays of affection when I came to ask for your forgiveness. Seeing my tears reflected in the faces of the thousands of Atléticos that packed that end of the stadium helped me cope with the tremendous sadness I felt in those hard times. As well as the support of my teammates, coaches, and all the people that make this big family.  

I also want to thank you for always believing in us and, above all, for proving that being an Atlético is something very special, different, and that our heart beats stronger than any other.  

Two years ago, I told you that we would return to a final, now, I tell you that Gabi, our captain, will lift the Champions League sooner or later, and we will celebrate it all together in Neptuno.   

I love you very much and GO ATLETI.

Juanfran's last prediction came to fruition, and Atleti have proved they are capable of great runs in the Champions League, but soccer is fickle, and so is fate. We will see, Juanfran.

(H/T FOX Soccer)

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