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Jose Mourinho Already In Mid-Season Jose Mourinho Form

On Monday, Romelu Lukaku showed the world that he can still do goals by doing one against Real Salt Lake, but the real story of the night was the raring, caged animal that is Jose Mourinho. The Mind Games Master was exquisite during and after the match, foretelling of a season that will either end with him winning the treble or getting sacked by December. There are no other logical outcomes.

A blood feud developed early in the friendly between 20-year-old RSL homegrown talent Sebastian Saucedo and the entire United squad (Why United were even trying to win fans in a state that’s clearly already Real Betis territory is beyond me). 

Saucedo had ARGH’d Juan Mata on the ankle, a knock that’ll reportedly keep the Spanish teddy bear on the sideline for a week. In retribution, Antonio Valencia KAPOW’d Saucedo in the achilles.

Since it was a meaningless friendly, referee Allen Chapman spoke with Mourinho and offered him the chance to substitute Valencia to keep his side going at full strength — it was either that or he’d be forced to issue a red to the Ecuadorian.

Mourinho declined the offer.

“…the referee asked me to change the player and I didn’t because I don’t agree with the card because Saucedo, I think is the name of the boy, was really aggressive in second half. That’s what happens and some other actions were a bit dangerous.

“It’s young people with enthusiasm playing against Manchester United but it’s a friendly match and it’s a different mentality. But it’s preseason so no problem. It is a good experience for us to play with one player less.”


There’s nothing Mourinho likes more than a backs to the wall, 10 vs. 11, this-is-what’ll-undoubtedly-happen-when-we-play-Barcelona exercise. Plus, he’d just put Marouane Fellaini on at halftime, so the bus was already well and truly parked at the Rio Tinto.

Mourinho then delivered the quote of the season with regards to Romelu Lukaku. When discussing his first United goal, Mourinho said: “He gets behind people, works and presses well. I like everything he does. It’s easy to feel it because he was my player four years ago and his evolution has been great. He’s now a top striker.”

Mourinho, of course, loaned Lukaku to Everton in 2013 during his first season back at Chelsea. He then purchased Diego Costa before the 2014-15 season and sold Lukaku to Everton for £28 million.

Mourinho has now purchased Lukaku for £75 million, plus £15 million in potential add-ons. No one knows how to nurture young talent quite like Jose Mourinho.

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