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Jose Mourinho Loses 4-0 With The Most Expensive Squad In History

With a resounding 4-0 win over the Chelsea side, Antonio Conte showed Jose Mourinho how it’s done as he defeated the Portuguese with nearly the same squad he failed to perform with.

Is it finally time to accept that Mourinho isn’t who he once was? Chelsea fans surely seemed to agree during the titanic clash:

And maybe the Chelsea fans are onto something. Despite Manchester United finishing fifth last season, star manager José Mourinho finds his side in seventh, far from the Champions League spot they are determined to reclaim. 

Everyone knew Manchester United wouldn’t be the same without Sir Alex Ferguson, but no one expected them to be sitting in seventh despite boasting the most expensive squad in history, with Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan joining £93.2 million man Paul Pogba as the club’s new signings. And that is without counting Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who came on a free transfer.

Not only did Mourinho lose to his failed 2015/2016 project, but he suffered his worst defeat in his Premier League history, losing a demoralizing 4-0. 

Mourinho now has had a worse start than even David Moyes, so maybe it’s time to start coming around to the idea that Mourinho has lost it, especially if he fails to turn the season around again.

The last time Mourinho had sustained success in the premier league was in 2007, so why do we keep cutting him slack? The fact of the matter is that Mourinho underperforms despite boasting record transfers, and it's time to stop defending him.

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