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The Jesús Ferreira Catch-22: Doomed if he scores, doomed if he doesn’t

United States men’s national team striker and FC Dallas star Jesús Ferreira became the fastest player in USMNT history to reach double-digit goals. On Wednesday he netted a hat trick in the Gold Cup vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis to bring his goal tally for the national team up to 11 in just 20 games.

The moment wasn’t celebrated by American fans. Instead, Ferreira was met with a wave of disdain and hatred online.

Fans were quick to criticize the opponents that Ferreira has scored against while playing for the USMNT. Here’s Ferreira’s goal scoring breakdown.

Ferreira’s USMNT goals

  • 4 vs. Grenada
  • 3 vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • 2 vs. Trinidad & Tobago
  • 1 vs. Panama
  • 1 vs. Mexico

One account that goes by the name “Gregg Beerholder” joked that they would delete their Twitter account if Ferreira scored a hat trick. That tale had a humorous end.

This brings me to the question I have: What is Ferreira supposed to do in this situation? He’s screwed no matter what he does. If he plays well and scores a hat trick, then we see what happened Wednesday night where he’s mocked for scoring against low-level teams.

On the other hand, if he didn’t score vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis then he would have been ridiculed even harder for not finding the net.

This is a Catch-22 if I’ve ever seen one.

Ferreira is only 22 years old and has been playing with the national team for three years. He's had his struggles against some of the better teams and unfortunately for him, fans will continue to point out his disastrous 45 minutes against the Netherlands in the Round of 16 at the World Cup.

Let’s remind everyone of what the great Ted Lasso once said: “I hope that all of us, or none of us are judged by the actions of our weakest moments but rather by the strength we show when or if we are given a second chance.”

Ferreira has a long career ahead of him. Nobody knows how it will pan out. He’s only made 20 appearances for the national team. Rather than call him a failure now and write him off, I hope USMNT fans will show patience and let him grow as a player without bullying him every step of the way.

Has he been lackluster in big games before? Yes. Does he deserve to be banished from the national team? Absolutely not.

Last season in MLS he scored 18 goals in 33 games. This season he’s putting up similar numbers with 10 goals in 18 games.

I wouldn’t be one bit shocked if we see him land a move to a European side in the next couple of years. 

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