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Jack Wilshere Smokes When He Wants, Get Over It

So, Jack Wilshere has been caught smoking for the third time. He has, of course, apologized but, really, do any of use believe that this is the last time that we will see Ol’ Jackie light one up? 

First, there was him and some young blonde lady, who we are sure was very nice, smoking outside of a night club. 

Then, after England was knocked out of the World Cup, he was photographed at a Las Vegas pool party with a cigarette in his mouth. 

Yes, Jack. It still counts if your friend puts it there for you. Your mouth, your problem. 

And finally, Wilshere was caught on camera with three lovely ladies, another friend, and shisha pipe.

Should Jack be smoking? No. Has Arsene Wenger, his manager, told him after each of these instances that he must not do it again? Yes. Does Jack have a single f*** to give? Apparently not. 

Yes, he has been apologetic after those prior incidents and this one has been no different, but listen to him. Does this sound like a man undergoing serious repentance?

This is him after the pool party incident: "The smoking? Of course I regret it. I have been seen before doing it. I said then I made a mistake and I have made a mistake again. People make mistakes.”

And him on Instagram after the shisha pic: "Worry about your character not your reputation, because your character is who you are and your reputation is only what people who don't know you think about you."

Jack doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would let a few cigarettes change his character. The man is a professional and a father, he knows what is best for himself. Arsene Wenger knows this as well:

"I have spoken with him about [smoking],” Wenger said after the most recent incident. "He is not a smoker, he is sorry about what happened, but he has to master his own life. He had a day off the next day."

Chastisement mixed with understanding, that’s what that quote is. “He had a day off the next day.” Those words do nothing but put into context Jack’s actions. Wenger understands that Wilshere messed up, but he realizes that he didn’t exactly light one up in the locker room

Wilshere’s reputation as a role model takes a hit every time he’s caught smoking, but in every instance, we believe he’s handled himself in the right way. He’s the kind of person that understands that cigarettes are bad, but they aren’t the devil. He puts them into context with his actions, just as Wenger put Wilshere’s action’s into context with his words. 

Anti-drug campaigns around the world could learn a lot from that. We’re looking at you, DARE. 


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