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Ivory Coast Passes The Ball Around Uncontested For Three Minutes, Then Fans Invade Pitch

71 passes. All uncontested. That’s what the Ivory Coast accomplished against Cameroon in the final three minutes of their Africa Cup of Nations qualification match. 

The Ivory Coast only needed a draw to qualify for the tournament while Cameroon, who were also down to 10 men, had already qualified for the tournament before the match. During the three minutes the ball crossed the halfway line once and was immediately sent back to the Ivorian goalkeeper. In the video below, you can see that the Cameroonian players are completely uninterested in playing defense and perfectly content with letting their counterparts mess around. It’s an odd and funny scene to watch. 

Don’t you worry, though, there was plenty of action once the game ended. Ivory Coast fans didn’t seem to care about the lack of action in the latter stages of the match and invaded the pitch once the whistle was blown. Check out the video of the time wasting followed by the photos of the chaos that ensued:


Ivory Coast fans hanging on the goal post. (Photo:@awaydays23 | Twitter)

Fans getting beaten by authorities. (Photo:@theaveragevoter | Twitter) 

Gervinho getting mauled by pitch invading supporters. (Photo:@IndyFootball | Twitter) 

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