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It Appears Mansfield Town Have A Player Who Isn't Housetrained

Mansfield Town player Adi Yussuf is alleged to have done a thing that would have gotten him on the sex offender list in the United States. 

From the Plymouth Herald:

A fan, who wished to remain anonymous, got in contact with Herald Sport to tell us what they saw.

They said: “During the first half of the match Mansfield substitute Adi Yussuf was warming up on the touchline right in front of the disabled zone (where I sit with my friend).

“He said something to Plymouth Argyle substitutes Rooney and Purrington before walking over to the piece of disused land between the disabled zone and the Devonport End and took a wee.

This took place during a real actual soccer game between Mansfield Town and Plymouth Argyle. Plymouth got revenge for one of Mansfield Town's players urinating in public inside their stadium by thumping Mansfield 3-0.

Quick tangent: when I was being potty trained, my Mom would use candy as incentive for me to actually go to the bathroom in the toilet. The candy used was usually Junior Mints. I thought this system was riotously funny and would play a game in which I would yell "Junior Mint" and sit down on the potty and then get up and yell "no Junior Mint!" 

This would continue until I got bored and relieved myself into the potty. You get the idea. 

My point is this: no Junior Mint for Adi Yussuf.

(H/T FOX Soccer)

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