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Huddersfield Defender Puts His Body On The Line To Defeat Manchester United

A rainy day in West Yorkshire turned to magic today as Huddersfield Town did the unexpected. After fending off Manchester United for the first 92 minutes, Huddersfield played five minutes of stoppage time like men possessed. The defense in particular showed frantic inspiration, fending off a series of attempts that seemed certain to materialize in a goal, but never did. In the end, Huddersfield beat Manchester United for the first time in 65 years in what will be the match of the weekend.

If you're looking for evidence that Huddersfield Town deserved the win, look no further than this 20-second sequence in which center back Mathias "Zanka" Jørgensen put his body on the line to make an incredible block and then the entire Huddersfield defense banded together to clear a second attempt.

This sequence gave David Wagner's men a victory over Manchester United for the first time in six decades.

To be fair, the two clubs haven't met since the early seventies, when United posted a win over Huddersfield. Before that, Huddersfield fans endured a long dry spell, with eight United wins and three draws in the 11 games since Huddersfield beat Manchester United in 1952.


Zanka's block might be the most dramatic moment of the match, but Huddersfield played well throughout.

First, there was this beautiful left-footed shot from Aaron Mooy, scored off a deflection from de Gea in the 28'.

Then, just minutes later, there was this goal from Laurent Depoitre to make it 2-0.


Marcus Rashford put United on the board in the 78' and, for a while, it seemed inevitable that Manchester would somehow find a way to draw even.

Despite keeping possession for 78% of the match, they never did. United couldn't mount an offensive that would break an energized, if frenetic, back line. Huddersfield certainly earned the victory.

While, it's unlikely this signals a return to Huddersfield's days of glory of the 1920s, when the club won the league three times, it was an incredible moment for the fans.

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