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Liga MX Player Suffers Horrifying Wound From Advertisement Way Too Close To The Pitch

There are shocking injuries and there are freak injuries. And then there are shocking freak injuries, as was the case with this horrifying Liga MX knee injury on Friday night.

Necaxa defeated Atlético San Luis 1-0 despite going down to 10 men early in the second half, with Ian González netting a 90th-minute penalty for the home side. The match was marred by an injury to Unai Bilbao, Necaxa’s Spanish center back. 

In the 76th minute, Bilbao marshalled the ball out of bounds under pressure from Nicolás Ibáñez. As the ball went out of bounds, Ibáñez shoved Bilbao to the ground where an advertising mat was located. What happened next is NSFL (Not Safe For your Lunch).

We must warn you before we go any further that you might think you want to watch the video of this Liga MX knee injury, but you probably don’t. Watch at your own risk.


Turn back now if you don’t want to see it.

Last warning.

Unai Bilbao Liga MX Knee Injury

It’s hard to tell exactly what happened in the video. In fact, Bilbao seems completely unaware of what happened at first. After all, Bilbao just falls to down — nothing is twisted or yanked.

But Bilbao quickly realizes he’s in trouble, and his goalie Luis Malagón immediately calls for the medical staff after seeing a deep wound in Bilbao’s knee. 

According to reports, Bilbao fell on a large nail that was used to keep the advertising mat in place, creating an alarming gash on the poor footballer.

Few leagues have more advertisements than Liga MX, but perhaps this Liga MX knee injury will encourage Mexico’s top flight to think twice about putting giant fucking nails less than a yard off the pitch. 

Let’s hope Bilbao has a speedy recovery and doesn’t get tetanus. 

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