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This Manager's Response To Ultras Who Attacked His Son Is Savage

OK, so the image above doesn't actually have Henrik Larsson in it, or savage dogs, which might make this all seem a bit misleading, but it's not. I promise. You see, that picture is actually of Henrik Larsson's son, Jordan Larsson. The elder Larsson is manager of Helsingborg, and the younger Larsson is a player. 

Helsingborg just got relegated from the Swedish first division. The above picture is of Helsingborg ultras running on the field and trying to rip Jordan Larsson's jersey off.

This is not appropriate behavior for football fans, or anyone really. Running on the field can be fun and entertaining as long as you don't go near the players, but running on the field with the intention of making any kind of physical contact (including hugs) with the players is bad. Do not do that.

The fact that his club's supporters ran onto the field and attacked his son made Henrik Larsson (rightfully) angry, which is where the dogs come in.

“If they come, they come. We have many dogs at home,” the elder Larsson said after the incident with regards to his physical safety.

We suppose if these hooligans are fools enough to run on the field and try to rip a player's jersey off, they just might be fools enough to go to the coach's house and do god knows what.

Larsson also said if he had seen the ultras trying to rip his son's jersey off, he would have run in there with his figurative guns blazing, consequences be damned.

“I didn’t see that they attacked Jordan but if I had, I would have gone in there towards him,” he said. “I was not going to run from there. If they turn on me, they turn on me. I had been beaten.”

And we thought the Swedes were supposed to be friendly people. Yeesh.

(H/T The Guardian)

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