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The Internet Is Divided Over VAR’s Offside Call On Harry Kane — What Call Would You Make?

A controversial Harry Kane VAR decision in Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Southampton on Tuesday has social media bickering. Kane thought he had scored Spurs’ go-ahead goal in the 53rd minute but was denied after a razor-thin offside call from the video official.

You’re the video referee and you’ve been notified to review the play. The center referee awaits your decision on if the goal should stand or not.

What do you say?

Kane’s goal was scratched, and Tottenham settled for a point against 10-man Southampton. Fans were led to believe these marginal offside calls were a thing of the past after the Premier League introduced thicker lines to avoid controversially tight calls.

Critics of VAR’s call on Kane pointed out that the line drawn for the English striker was lined up on his elbow, not his shoulder. 

This fraction of a difference cost Spurs valuable points. The man who supplied the pass, Harry Winks, probably put an axe through the TV after seeing his perfect ball was denied for the tight call.

As you would expect, the people of Twitter were divided on the call and yelled profanities at one another.

Reaction To Harry Kane VAR Decision

Tottenham fans saw another goal disallowed in the 67th minute for a foul on Saints’ goalkeeper Fraser Forster in what turned out to be a dramatic 1-1 draw.

Tottenham vs. Southampton Highlights

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