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The Dibu Martínez effect – Goalkeeper celebrates in Ever Banega’s face after he skies penalty in Saudi King Cup

What we call "shithousery celebrations" might start becoming a trend in the world of soccer, and you can probably thank Emiliano Martínez for that.

In a Saudi Arabian King Cup of Champions round of 16 clash between Al-Ittihad and Al-Shabab, a penalty kick miss that defined the winner of the game gave us perhaps the most brutal celebration to an opposing player we’ve seen this year.

This time around, it was directed to an Argentine by a Brazilian.

Goalkeeper celebrates in Éver Banega’s face after penalty miss

Former Sevilla and Argentina national team player, Éver Banega, stepped up to the penalty spot to take the fifth penalty for his team.

The 34-year-old ran up to the penalty spot ready to take the shoot-out to sudden death but instead skied the penalty in a very World Cup Harry Kane fashion that resulted in Al-Shabab being eliminated from the cup.

After the final whistle, the opposing Brazilian goalkeeper, Marcelo Grohe, took no time to celebrate the miss and boy did he choose the most brutal way to do so.

No f*cks given whatsoever.

The 4-in-1 celebration from the Al-Ittihad goalkeeper wasn’t followed by a booking from the referee, but Banega’s teammates defended the Argentine and made sure Grohe knew what he did was over the line.

A taste of Banega’s compatriots own medicine or just competitive shithousery? 

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