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FOX’s Cat Whitehill Makes Abhorrently Racist Comments During Nigeria-Germany Match

Cat Whitehill probably shouldn’t announce again this Women’s World Cup.

The FOX commentator made multiple racist remarks when calling Nigeria’s 3-0 loss to Germany in the round of 16 on FS1, apparently clueless as to the offensive nature of her words.

It did not go unnoticed. 

The worst transgression happened in the 41st minute when Cat Whitehill was talking about the support the Nigerian FA has (or rather has not) given the women’s team, which improved with the signing of a Swedish man, Thomas Dennerby, as the coach. 

“They haven’t put the time and effort into really helping this Nigerian side,” Whitehill said. “Somehow Nigeria keeps making it into the World Cup based on their athleticism and they’re finally with Dennerby getting a proper coach to teach them proper tactical and technical aspects to their game. I think it’s exciting for Nigeria and looking more like a side that can compete.”

So basically, Nigeria only had athleticism until it got a white man to teach proper technique. Talk about a white savior complex.

The microaggressions from Whitehill happened throughout the match. She mentioned Nigerian players “signing with China” for some reason, as if China is a club.

The commentary from Cat Whitehill, whether intended to be racist or not, was deplorable. FOX must do something about it ASAP, lest the Twitter hate continue to grow.

This doesn't necessarily mean Whitehill needs to be fired and her career ruined, but she needs to understand the hurt she causes and stereotypes she perpetuates with her comments.

And if anyone wants to try to defend Cat Whitehill, saying she probably didn’t mean to be racist; intention doesn’t matter. Racism is racism.

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