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Ex-Real Madrid Keeper Says Two Galacticos Will Leave Next Wednesday

There are Galacticos leaving Madrid this Summer, but apparently it’s not the one that we have all thought it would be according to ex-Real Madrid goal keeper Agustin Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez played from Real Madrid from 1980 to 1990, and the 55-year-old told Radio Marca that he is absolutely certain that Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas will leave the Spanish Capital, and that news of this would break on  Wednesday. 

"I think Iker Casillas is going to go, genuinely. And Cristiano, too. I'm certain on that," he told Radio Marca. "We'll see in the news that comes out next Wednesday."

Such rumors are unexpected in the wake of an entire season’s worth of whisperings surrounding the departure of Gareth Bale, who had been regularly booed by home fans, and even had his car kicked at by a supporter.

That, of course, is not to say that Ronaldo and Casillas have gone without their own problems with fans. Both have suffered from the same jeers that have haunted Bale, while Casillas has gone through everything from a fan telling him to throw his son in a river to see if he floats, to cursing our Madrid fans in the middle of a match.

Ronaldo operates on his own level of constant hate from rival and “friendly” supporters alike, although that hate has risen to unusually high levels at various points in 2015. The most notable of which being when he received backlash for throwing a birthday part the night after Madrid lost to cross town rivals Atletico Madrid 4-0.

Yet even with all of those precipitating circumstances no one should be blamed for taking Rodriguez’s words with a grain of salt. What could he possibly know about an organization that he hasn’t been a part of for 25 years? Is it his “goal keepers intuition” speaking to him? Does such a thing even exist? Nothing, no and no, we would have to say. 

Come next Wednesday, Rodriguez could be proven right, then again, we could also move to Antarctica and found the South Pole’s first ever Sunday League. And if you really had to ask, we don’t know which is more likely. 

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