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England's Euro 2015 Headquarters Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Having already secured qualification for Euro 2016 at the top of Group E, Roy Hodgson and England have already switched gears, looking forward to the start of the tournament and setting their sights on winning their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup. 

However, England is already facing their first obstacle in France before they have even arrived.

Wayne Rooney and his England squad will train in the Stadium of Burgundy, in a small French town called Chantilly. From the pictures alone, it is obvious to see that the local football club does not compete at the same level as the England players are used to. 

In fact, Union Sportive de Chantilly plays six divisions below France’s top flight of football, Ligue 1. That probably explains the microwave/trophy combination of a room right next to the cafeteria/dressing room. 

Despite this abysmal wreck of a pitch by UEFA standards, the FA confirmed that they will have teams sent to France to bring the ground up to the quality the players are familiar with back home. 

“We will be improving the pitch significantly and using UEFA tournament approved specialists that we also use for Wembley Stadium and St George’s Park in England,” said an FA spokesman during the announcement of their selection. 

Hodgson is very confident in choosing Chantilly as the best possible headquarters for his England side. Maybe all the trophies placed on top of hand-made wooden supports will give Rooney some motivation to lead his team to a spot in the final. 

(H/T The Mirror)

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