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The Emerald City Supporters: The Best Supporters In The U.S.

This Sunday, the Seattle Sounders will continue their quest to become the first MLS team ever to win the U.S. Open Cup, the Supporters Shield and the MLS Cup. With the first two already in their pockets, the Sounders must overcome a 0-1 aggregate deficit at home to earn the triple, which shouldn’t be too tall an order, especially with the support of their home fans: The Emerald City Supporters. 

A group that is known for their monstrous tifo’s and crazy atmosphere, the Emerald City Supporters (ECS) are probably the most incredible group of soccer supporters in the United States. The Seattle Sounders and the ECS are just one example of how soccer in the United States is growing. Seattle is home to a rowdy sporting culture, but the Pacific Northwest has become a hotbed for soccer in the U.S. in particular When it comes to the Emerald City Supporters, they are just as dedicated to their club as any other supporters around the world. The diversity of the ECS is reflective of the beauty of soccer. Different support groups within the ECS have been created for the Latino Community, the LGBT community and many more (check all sub-groups here).  Copa 90 went inside the fan culture of the ECS showing the world that soccer really is taking off in the US.

Tune in on Sunday at 9:00pm E.T on ESPN.

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