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Professional Czech club sign law student who has never played soccer after father pays club €20,000

Got €20,000 sitting around your house? Well, that might be enough for you to make a professional soccer debut without even knowing how to play the sport. In the Czech Republic, at least.

22-year-old who has never played soccer signs with Czech club after father pays $20,000

Yes, you heard that right.

Martin Podhajský has recently made headlines and went viral on social media after signing for FK Usti nad Labem, a third-tier soccer club in the Czech Republic. However, the conditions of his ‘transfer’ to the club, aren’t that of your normal transfer window signing.

Podhajský is a 22-year-old law student that works for Viagem, a real estate company owned by FK Usti club president Pemysl Kuban. Podhajský has no prior experience playing soccer, even at the amateur level. Though, after making his wish of playing professionally to president Kuban known, a few wads of cash provided by Podhajský’s father going directly into the club, will make Martin’s wish come true.

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It was reported that Podhajský was signed to FK Usti only after his father donated around €20,000 for his son to sign a contract and play in a professional match with the club, all without having any experience in playing soccer (apart from in video games).

“He has never played football, only FIFA from what I know” said Kuban. 

“However you don’t just see [€20,000] rolling on the floor every day. If someone gives me this type of money, I’ll let anyone play” he added.

This type of money will have Podhajský play around 10 minutes when he makes his debut, expected to replace captain Jakub Mares as a striker in the closing minutes of the match.

“We are now adjusting the contract with Martin, and the fans will see him already at our first home game, so far only on the substitutes’ bench” said the club president.

FK Usti currently sit sixth in Ceska Fotbalova Liga with 10 points and eight points off of league-leader SK Zapy. They will play their next home match on Sept. 22 against Teplice B in Metsky Stadium — a venue with a capacity of 4,000 seats.

We will have to wait and see until then if Podhajský was capable of having prepared to perform in the most important (and probably last ever) 10 minutes of his professional soccer career.

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