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The Crowd Saved This Guy Because He Did What They All Wished They Could Do.

Escaping the police is a fantasy that a lot of people have. They want to feel the adrenaline rush of being chased, of running as hard as they can, of not knowing if they’ll be able to stop, and getting away with it. Eventually, most people grow out of such a fantasy, but I have a feeling this young fan escaping security isn’t one of those people. 

He was an attendee at a recent Lokomotiv Moscow vs Besiktas match in the Russian top flight, and he pulled off one of the more resourceful escapes we’ve ever seen caught on camera.

There’s no telling when in the game this actually happened; precious little is known about the events surrounding the one depicted in the video. Judging by the colors on his scarf, he is a fan of Lokomotiv Moscow, something that will become clear in a little bit. First, let’s just watch the video. 


While that wasn’t exactly Indiana Jones running away from a gigantic boulder, you’ve got to admit it was pretty impressive. I’ve never seen someone use a scarf in a more badass way. 

But questions beg to be asked: why did he even run on the field in the first place, and why were those other fans so eager to help him? Sure, the fans may well have been trying to help out one of their own (by the same logic applied to the young man, they are Lokomotiv Moscow fans as well), but that answer leaves a lot to be desired. 

Luckily, in this case, we can quench that desire. 

The inter webs have a provided a picture of what the young man did while he was running riot across the field, and it gives some info as to why he ran out in the first place.

fan escaping security because he ran on the field to kiss a player on the cheek.

It's definitely him. Photo: imgur

He just loves his team. It’s no wonder that the fans welcomed him so warmly, that they were throwing their scarfs out to him before he even thought to through his own out. He’s their hero. 

Now that’s a fantasy worth chasing.  

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