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A Cold Farewell For Iker Casillas Hints At A Bigger Problem For Madrid

Real Madrid is stuck in a sticky spot after they let longtime goalkeeper Iker Casillas go on to Porto after 25 years with the club. To replace him Real Madrid is looking to make a deal for Manchester United keeper David De Gea, but it looks like the Red Devils won’t be willing to let him go without Sergio Ramos in exchange.

A solemn farewell to Casillas leaves backup keeper Jesus Navas, who is also Costa Rica’s first choice keeper. He had a great World Cup, but had a dismal first season for Real Madrid.

Saying goodbye to the longtime veteran Casillas, selling Khedira to Juventus and potentially trading out superstar defender Ramos could leave the club without a sturdy defense. Things between Casillas and Real Madrid President Florentino Perez have been tense, to say the least, and many fans are upset about the way the club treated Casillas during his farewell. 

Even former Barcelona man Xavi has gone public about the cold farewell of Casillas from Madrid to Porto.

Casillas helped Real Madrid win three Champions League finals, seven La Liga titles and three Copa Del Rey Championships.

Madrid have never been known for the touchy feel; winning is what the club does best and winning is really what Madrid cares about. This leaves little room for the nostalgic, but if a deal doesn’t go through for De Gea, Madrid might be stuck in a real defensive dilemma.

Some speculate that Manchester United has their eye on Gareth Bale and might be willing to do almost anything for the star winger, including a world-record bid (sorry Cristiano this one really is record setting). But Madrid are unlikely to let any star attacking player go.  

Among other questionable decisions, assigning Rafa Benitez to replace Carlo Ancelotti as manager this year was also an extremely questionable choice. The onetime Liverpool manager did little to raise the English side to greatness after winning the Champions League the first year he was there in 2007. He started his coaching career at Real Madrid, so it would seem fitting that it might also be coming to an end there.

Spending the last two years at Napoli, Benitez did everything he could to ensure he would stay in good form with Real Madrid President Florentino Perez. His first year as manager he bought three Real Madrid players (Gonzalo Higuain, Jose Callejon and Raul Albiol) with the money from the sale of Napoli star striker Edison Cavani to P.S.G.

Benitez knows he’ll have to do some incredible work to keep his job as manager. And the solution to all his problems may just be an endorsement from star man Cristiano Ronaldo. Benitez is already trying to prove he and Ronaldo are buddies, even though this was their first time seeing each as coach and player. 

Some might say Madrid is a soulless club, only focused on the new and best players and willing to do almost anything to get those players. But tradition has always spoken louder for the club up until now. The bigger problem is the club is too confident these days and believe all that’s needed is more attacking power. Without a solid defense Madrid will crumble under the weight of all their star strikers.

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