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Chicharito Scores Again In The Champions League, Sets CONCACAF Record

Chicharito Hernandez did a number of things today. He scored in his fifth straight game (seven total during that stretch) for Bayer Leverkusen in all competitions. He set the CONCACAF record for career goals in the UEFA Champions league (12 so far).

Unfortunately for Hernandez, Bayer couldn't get a result against Roma, losing 3-2 despite Hernandez's goal. 

A good, clean, clever finish from Hernandez there. He's in fine form (again, he's scored in his last five games) just when his team need him to be.

Meanwhile, Hernandez's old teams, the ones who didn't want him this season, are floundering, particularly in the position of striker. Manchester United somehow continue to get results despite their only options for striker being the lumpy potato that used to be Wayne Rooney, natural midfielder Marouane Fellaini and 18-year-old Anthony Martial. For Real Madrid, it might be even worse, as their staring striker, Karim Benzema, is currently sitting in jail in France undergoing questioning in regards to a blackmailing plot against his France teammate, Mathieu Valbuena. Good times.

It strikes us that both those teams could use a poaching forward who averages better than a goal every two games. We know of a good one at Bayer Leverkusen, but he's probably not going anywhere.

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