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Chicharito Might Be Back In Madrid Next Season, But Not For Los Blancos

The highlight of Chicharito's Real Madrid career has to be the goal he scored against city-rivals Atletico Madrid during the second leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

That strike in the 88th minute took Real Madrid to the semifinal against Juventus. Thanks to the hard work of their Mexican forward, Los Blancos had finally defeated their tough as nails hometown rivals.

With that strike, Chicharito had proven himself an asset to Real Madrid’s season, a season that saw him for the most part banished to the bench.

That game was different though. Carlo Ancelotti had few options in attack, with Karim Benzema injured and no other quality forward available to Ancelotti, his eyes turned to Hernandez.

Chicharito did not disappoint.

That goal seems so long ago. Now, in the midst of the transfer window, it’s a whole another story for the former Real Madrid man.

With Real Madrid choosing to forgo signing Chicharito for the long-term, CH14 is back with his former club, Manchester United.

With Louis Van Gaal still at the helm of the Red Devils, Chicharito’s fate at the club is up in the air. Clearly not a fan of the Mexican international at the start of his tenure at Manchester, its doubtful that Van Gaal has the forward included in his plans for next season.

So where will Chicharito end up? The most recent rumour is that he might find himself back at Madrid, but not for Los Blancos.

In what would be a shocking move, Hernandez might be suiting up for Atletico Madrid next season.

Atletico just sold Mario Mandzukic to Juventus and, although they just signed Jackson Martinez away from Porto, are looking to beef up their front line.

Mandzukic scored 20 goals in all competitions for Los Rojiblancos in his first season, but it seems like he didn’t enjoy his time with the club.

It was indeed a disappointing season for Atletico, failing to retain their Liga title and falling to their city-rivals in the Champions League, it was clear that they would work to bolster their squad during the transfer window.

Their forward line is especially concerning for El Cholo Simeone. Since selling star striker Diego Costa to Chelsea, Atletico strikers have failed to shine in his absence.

With Mandzukic out, that leaves Raul Jimenez, Fernando Torres and Martinez as the main strikers.

Raul Jimenez is still young and adjusting to his new team, failing to prove himself in his first season. Reports have also mentioned that he might be on his way out either through a loan or sale to Porto.

El Nino Fernando Torres isn’t the same player for Atletico as he was at the start of his career, and at the age of 31, the Madrid club can’t fully depend on their fan-favorite for the long-term.

Who do they turn to besides Jackson Martinez? Maybe Chicharito.

Chicharito enjoyed life in Madrid, besides being forced to remain on the bench. Reports in Mexico mention that he wouldn’t mind staying, and Atletico wouldn’t mind his services. Chicharito would cost Atletico about €15 million and would be useful for their style of play with his goal-scoring abilities. Jackson Martinez is a done deal, and, with the possibly of Chicharito also on his way to Atletico, I wouldn’t want to be the team that faces Atleti in their fight for La Liga.

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