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Chicharito Makes The Hard Choice, Chooses Europe Over MLS

Florida based Orlando FC was looking to bolster its roster. It was hoping to nab Real Madrid’s Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. But before they could even entertain the possibility, he made it clear he wants to stay in Europe.

With rumors circulating around the possibility of Ronaldinho and Mario Balotelli joining Orlando, it isn’t surprising that this rumor was squashed before it even had legs.

Mexican international Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is still just 26, young enough to have the majority of his prime ahead of him. He would undoubtedly be a star striker scoring plenty of goals in the MLS. And, with the large hispanic fan-base in Orlando, he would likely be a huge celebrity, but it certainly seems that now that isn’t going to happen.

Besides Orlando, the El Tri star was linked to the LA Galaxy and the Chicago Fire. According to, he turned down the opportunity to play for both of those clubs in favor of proving his worth in Europe. 

Hernandez is currently playing for Real Madrid, but only as backup for the club’s already star studded line-up. He hasn’t performed poorly, but can’t reasonably expect to beat out Benzema, especially with the frenchman in top form.

So while a move is likely in his future, he has made it clear he won’t be coming stateside.

Can you blame him?

Another European team will likely pay him a much higher salary. And, Chicharito might have something to prove in the Premier League after being loaned out by Manchester United. He was rejected, and wants to prove those who rejected him wrong.   

We respect a man with a plan: Hernandez has a score settle, and he isn’t leaving until the deed is done.

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