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Chicharito To Liverpool Would Make A Lot Of Sense

Javier Hernandez has been linked with Liverpool lately, and it isn't exactly hard to see why. Chicharito has been in magnificent form this season, scoring 21 goals in 24 games in all competitions for Bayer Leverkusen. A player of his skill set could be exactly what Jurgen Klopp needs. The German's team has played some good football at times, but a lack of clinical finishing (and some suspect defending) has seen them fail to make any headway in the Premier League table. Chicharito to Liverpool could be the answer to his problems.

Obviously, if it happened, the transfer of Chicharito to Liverpool would be hugely controversial, as they always are when a player crosses between Liverpool and Manchester United. But Chicharito has stated in the past his desire to stay in the Premier League, and only left because of Louis Van Gaal's rather bizarre aversion to playing him.

Under Jurgen Klopp, Chicharito would be playing a high-press, attacking style of soccer, similar to what he is playing now with Leverkusen, and a close relative of Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United sides. With Premier League experience already in the bag, Chicharito would hit the ground running. 

Liverpool need a striker of his caliber as well. Divock Origi is inexperienced and lacks a clinical edge, Danny Ings is good but not a 20 goal-per-season striker, Daniel Sturridge is always injured, and Christian Benteke is somehow never in the right place when a cross comes in. Chicharito would slot straight into the team, and would provide that clinical edge that Liverpool so desperately need.

Can you imagine Hernandez being outside the box when a cross comes in? Neither can we.

Comparatively, both Hernandez and Benteke have taken a similar amount of shots, 43 and 45 respectively. Hernandez has the better shot conversion however, having scored 13 in 16 Bundesliga games. Benteke has only six in 20 in the Premier League, per Squawka.

Is it foolish to think that Chicharito could repeat his Leverkusen numbers in the Premier League? Not with some of the defending we've seen this season. Hernandez has already proven his worth in the Premier League under Sir Alex Ferguson, albeit in a super-sub role.

The run of extended starts at Leverkusen has allowed his true potential to shine through, allowing him to build chemistry with his teammates and to improve his ability to anticipate the ball. It is the first time he has had that chance since coming to Europe, and he is seizing it with both hands. A Chicharito to Liverpool deal could allow him the chance to make the big impact he's always threatened to unleash. 

Chicharito has struck up an excellent partnership with his teammates at Bayer Leverkusen. Photo: @DiarioPresente_ | Twitter

On top of his experience and superior goal scoring abilities, Hernandez is also a workhorse. He is constantly on the shoulder of the center back, chasing wayward balls and backpasses, and generally making a nuisance of himself to opposing defenses. This is perfect for Klopp's high-intensity pressing style of play.   

Chicharito to Liverpool is a deal that will not happen now. Leverkusen would be crazy to sell their top striker in the midst of a Champions League pursuit. Come the summer however, don't be surprised if this is a deal that may come to fruition. The only stumbling block is the Manchester-Liverpool barrier.

I for one, as a United fan, will swallow my pride. To see the 'Little Pea' in the Premier League again would be a joy, and I'm willing to overlook all rivalries in pursuit of that. 

I'd still rather see him in a United shirt though. Thanks Van muppet. 

Hmmm...awkward. Photo: @LeetotheD | Twitter

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