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Casillas' Agent Describes Real Madrid's President As A Delusional Racist

In an interview with Spanish newspaper Diario AS, Iker Casillas's agent, Santos Marquez, made Real Madrid President Florentino Perez out to be an insane person.

Marquez, obviously, was not too thrilled about how his client's departure from Real Madrid went down.

"In the second send-off last Monday, Florentino said that Casillas wanted to leave."

"And you believe him? He has never wanted to leave. He said that he never wanted to leave and that he could never ask to be Madrid’s first choice goalkeeper, that he had two years left on his contract and that he would have liked to end his playing career at Madrid."

Marquez clamed that Perez' meddling has been hurting Real Madrid, through long-distance preseason tours and by bringing in players he favors over players that will actually help the squad. He was also critical of Perez's treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo, who Marquez said is going to leave Real Madrid soon.

And Perez might be a racist.

From the interview: 

"Why did your relationship with Florentino end?"

"For Makelele, for a lack of respect. Florentino doesn’t like black players; he’s not a racist but he doesn’t like them. I also fought with him over Eto’o. Samuel was just as much a galáctico as Figo. He left for the colour of his skin."

So Perez isn't a racist but he doesn't like black players. Right. We believe that.

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