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Brace Yourself. This Is Probably The Worst Miss Of All Time

Nahikari Garcia had a glorious chance to equalize in the dying moments of the Women's U-19 Euro final. What she ended up doing defies belief.

Nahikari Garcia is a name you most likely have never heard before, but trust us, you'll remember it now. Let's set the stage. Nahikari Garcia is the captain of the U-19 Spanish women's team. 

Now, it's not easy being a team captain, especially at that age. You're expected to be the leader, a beacon of consistency and strength. You're expected to come through when your team needs you. That's why we feel really, really bad for Nahikari Garcia. 

In stoppage time, in the women's Euro U-19 final, Spain were 2-1 down against France when captain Garcia pounced on a parry from the French goalkeeper and found herself practically on the goal line. A simple tap would have been enough. 

Instead, she tried some sort of chip shot, splashing water everywhere and sending her teammates spiralling to the ground in anguish. To make matters worse, Garcia also had a penalty saved earlier. 

Sure, the torrid conditions played a part, but somehow, we don't think that's going to be much of a consolation for Garcia. France ended up holding on to become European champions, and Spain were left rueing their missed chances. 

There's a bright side for Garcia though. She's young. She'll learn from this, and the next time she finds herself in such a high-pressure situation, she'll put it away with nerves of steel. We hope.

Nahikari Garcia

Come back stronger. Photo: @rincondelareal | Twitter

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