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Borussia Dortmund Bus Bombs Likely Work Of Far-Right Extremists, Police Say

According to various media reports, police in Germany have determined that the attack on Borussia Dortmund's bus ast week, which injured defender Marc Bartra, was likely carried out by far-right extremists. At first, it was believed the attack was the work of Islamic terrorists, but several inconsistencies have indicated the attack was meant to sway public opinion against Muslims.

From The Times:

An official document leaked to Die Welt newspaper yesterday suggested the bombers wanted to incite a backlash against Muslims. Three letters found nearby, which claimed the bombing on behalf of Islamists, were fabricated, said the investigators.

“The explosive in the pipe bombs, which were filled with metal shrapnel, seems to derive from the inventory of the army. But we are still investigating that,” a police source told the newspaper.

The military-grade detonators could have been wired only by someone with “professional skills”, the official added.


Three letters were found at the scene claiming responsibility from Islamic terrorists, but those are now believed to be fake.

Later in The Times' article:

Two suspected Islamists were arrested in Dortmund after the attack, one of whom is still in custody. He is an Iraqi asylum seeker who is thought to have led an Isis death squad but he has not been linked to the bus attack.

Other lines of inquiry include the possibility that the attack was planned by “foreign intelligence” services, far-left groups or a deranged individual.

“One of the most likely scenarios is that the attack had a far-right background,” a police spokesman said.

The terrorism threat level in Germany has been raised, as the perpetrators are believed to be still at large.

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