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Belly Up To The Bar For A Jamie Vardy Skittles Vodka

Jamie Vardy's Skittles Vodka

Jamie Vardy Skittles Vodka


Five stars

This Skittles Vodka recipe is perfect for your busy work week — when getting a bit sauced needs to be equal parts easy and tasty. With some simple prep work, namely pouring a plethora of assorted skittles into a bottle of vodka, your boring weeknight just became a certified Vardy Party. You'll be tasting the rainbow in no time.

Warning: if you're suffering from a muscle injury, this might not be the best tonic. If you're suffering from a shortage of sweets infused debauchery, this is just what the doctor ordered.


Yield: Serves one - six (depending on how your day went).

Total time: It's pretty dependent on how Skittle-y you'd like it to taste.


1 - Three-liter vodka bottle (Smirnoff will do the trick)

20 - Bags of Skittles


Step 1.) Go to the liquor store. Get yourself a three-liter bottle of Smirnoff No.21, the world's best-selling premium vodka. Yeah, it’s cheap. It’s for factory workers like Jamie Vardy. We’ll leave the Grey Goose to the Olivier Giroud types. 

Step 2.) You’ll probably now need to navigate to a different shop, unless you have a very strange sort of liquor store. The establishment we're looking for sells Skittles. Now listen, and this is very important, you’ll need 30 bags of Original Fruit Skittles. Not Tropical, there’s nothing tropical about the East Midlands of England. Not Wild Berry, we absolutely need the Strawberry and Grape flavors. Certainly not Sour, that’d just be gross.

Step 3.) Go home. This is just as important as avoiding the Sour Skittles. The whole process, from the distilling of the liquid to the imbibing of the beverage, needs to take place in the friendly confines of home. There’s no telling where this night will go, but it'll be a lot safer if its contained.

Step 4.) According to the man himself, “put loads of Skittles in.” Yup, just dump those suckers in like your building a terrarium for your skittle-loving reptile.

Once those Skittles dissolve, immediately add more skittles. Repeat ad infinitum. Well, until you’re ready for a taste. You’ll know the Skittles Vodka is ready when it tastes just like those delectable little confectioneries.

Step 5.) “After that, you can drink the vodka neat and it tastes just like Skittles. When I was bored at home in the evening I’d pour myself a glass, sit back and enjoy. The vodka was decent…” - Jamie Vardy

That's right — it's time to sit back and enjoy!

Step 6.) Wake up, have hangover and Danny Drinkwater. 

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