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Bastian Schweinsteiger Is Mercifully Training With Manchester United's First Team Again

If you're a Bastian Schweinsteiger fan, please don't get your hopes up.

The German is back in Manchester United training, ending his strange exile from the first team. This doesn't mean he's going to play in a game any time soon, in fact some have speculated that Jose Mourinho is just letting Schweinsteiger train with the first team so he's fit when United try to sell him in January, which is sort of like the "fattening him up to eat him" of the footballing world.

Schweinsteiger's best bet for playing time would seem to be the Europa League, which Jose Mourinho may or may not give a flying f*** about, but Schweinsteiger hasn't been registered for that competition by Manchester United.

However, Schweinsteiger is registered in the Premier League and Manchester United are still alive in the EFL Cup. Given United's current league form (bad), Jose Mourinho may have just decided it's time to shake things up and bring in the German, who, although slow and old, is one of the best passers in the league.


Perhaps Mourinho is sick of watching poor Paul Pogba partnered with Marouane Fellaini. We know we are.

Anyway, clearly all is well between Schweinsteiger and Mourinho and there is no rift whatsoever.

Well, these two look chummy and not at all awkward standing next to each other — there certainly isn't any tension here that you could cut with, say, a meat cleaver or a chainsaw. No sir!

We hope Schweinsteiger gets transferred in January. He doesn't deserve this.

(H/T BBC Sport)

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