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Arsenal Goalkeeper Caught Smoking. Could His Career Go Up In Flames?

If Arsenal Goalkeeper Wocjiech Szczesny’s New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking, he’s gotten off to a bad start.

According to various reports, the giant Pole lit up in the changing rooms following Arsenal’s 2-0 Premier League loss against Southampton on January 1st, a game in which Szczesny was hapless throughout.

Former Arsenal midfielder Jon Jensen told Danish TV on Monday that Szczesny has now played his last game for The Gunners, having been dropped for their FA Cup tie last weekend and slapped with a £20,000 fine. Those rumors have been denied by the club, but only time will tell whether Wenger reinstates the Pole for Arsenal’s Premier League game against Smoke – sorry, Stoke – on Sunday.

However, unless he lit an enormous Montecristo and suggestively blew a plume of thick smoke directly into Arsene Wenger's face, we’d be surprised if Big Wocj doesn’t have his gloves back on this weekend. While The18 by no means condones smoking, least of all for professional athletes, it’s not like Szczesny is the first Premier League footballer to be caught having a sly drag. Hell, he’s not even the first Arsenal player to be found having a cheeky puff: Jack Wilshere has twice been outed for smoking, most recently in a Las Vegas pool. 

Then, of course, there’s Arsene “I disagree completely with that behaviour” Wenger himself:

Do as I say, not as I do.

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