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Are Soccer Players Better At Football, Or Are Football Players Better At Soccer?

NFL franchise the Minnesota Vikings had a little bit of fun with Chelsea FC this week, as they challenged the club to a so-called "football vs. football" challenge. The challenge comes as Chelsea prepare to face A.C. Milan at the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on August 3. It will be the first event to take place at the new facility.  

U.S. Bank Stadium

A.C. Milan vs. Chelsea will be the first event at the new stadium. Photo: @IntChampionsCup | Twitter


First, wide receiver Stefon Diggs challenged the Chelsea FC crew to make one-handed catches with an American football. 


Naturally, Chelsea chose goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois and Asmir Begovic to take on the challenge (along with Cesc Fabregas, for some reason). The results were, well, just take a look. 


That's great guys, now try doing it with the helmets on.

Then, it was Chelsea's turn to challenge the Vikings, courtesy of some silky ball skills from Cesc Fabregas. 


The Vikings chose kicker Blair Walsh, who famously missed a 27-yard game-winning field goal in the Wild Card playoffs last season, to take on the challenge. 


You know what? He actually killed it. Well done sir.

So, you may be tempted to give the Vikings the victory in this "football vs. football" challenge. But wait! We did some research and we found out that Blair Walsh grew up playing soccer before he was convinced into booting a more oblong object. His brother even played soccer at Harvard

Yep. That's right. Blair Walsh is a ringer. We're on to you Vikings.

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