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Andrea Pirlo Has Officially Transferred To NYCFC

Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo has officially transferred to New York City FC. 

Pirlo is the newest addition to the newest MLS club, a third of a string of high profile signings that have also acquired David Villa and Frank Lampard. 

Pirlo is widely considered the greatest Italian midfielder of all time as he makes his move to the United States, and he has acted with the kind of class one would expect of a player with such a reputation. 

In a tweet to his fans, Pirlo dictated a sincere goodbye. 

According to ESPNFC, the tweet reads as follows:

"It can be difficult to express emotions in words, particularly when it involves four so important years of my life. All I can say is a huge THANK YOU to everybody who has accompanied me and supported me through this adventure: Juventus FC, starting with the president, without forgetting every single person who works there; my teammates of many battles, of many smiles and some tears; the fans and all those who have always followed me affectionately, even in those moments that were not so nice. Heartfelt thanks to all of you. It was not easy to decide, but the moment has come to start a new adventure which, however, will never make me forget the bond I have with these colours. To the very end, FORZA JUVENTUS."

Pirlo will likely form a midfield trio with the aforementioned Lampard and American midfielder Mix Diskerud. Should this be the midfield of choice for NYCFC manager Jason Kreis, it would be one of the most talented, star-studded, and seasoned in all of MLS. 

Talking with, Pirlo was clear about his ambitions at NYCFC. 

“I have been wanting this experience for a long time and now that the opportunity materialized I wanted to take it. This is a Club on the rise and shares my same hunger to achieve important results in the League. I am hoping to win.”

“I had several opportunities to play outside of Italy, but I never had a doubt in picking New York for the enthusiasm of the people that come watch the team.”

There has been no official word on when Pirlo’s first appearance for his new club will take place.

NYCFC’s next game is against Toronto FC at 3:00 pm EST on July 12th.

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