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Alphonso Davies scores weak-footed golazo… against Canada!

Canada faced off against Japan in an international friendly this Friday in what seemed like an interesting challenge for the Maples to go head-to-head against a top national team for the first time since their lackluster 2022 World Cup performance. It was time to redeem themselves on the international stage.

Though, Les Rouges didn’t have the best time out in their visit to Japan this Friday, with an Alphonso Davies own goal serving as the perfect example of what their disastrous performance in Niigata looked like this morning.

Alphonso Davies own goal vs. Japan

Alphonso Davies defied the critics and showed that he’s just as useful with his right foot as he is with his left foot.

In the 39th minute, a quick break-away by the Japanese on the attack, followed by a cross into the box, landed on Davies in what seemed like an easy, textbook clearance for the defender to clear away from The Reds' box. The Bayern Munich man, however, had other plans.

In the effort of sending the ball out for a corner kick, the Canadian left-back struck the ball with his shin and into the face of Milan Borjan for an eventual spill of the ball into the net for a ridiculous own goal.

Fair to say the ball and the pitch also did their fair share of magic on the bounce before coming onto Davies foot, surprising the 22-year-old on the clearance. Bad luck all around.

Davies wasn’t the only player caught off guard throughout the game though, with Canada going down 1-0 at just two minutes into the game.

Canada has disastrous defensive performance in 4-1 loss to Japan

Canada might've just sealed their worst performance in 2023.

Seconds after the starting whistle, a disastrous sequence of Canadian clearances, rebounds and headers, followed by a deflected Ao Tanaka shot from outside the box opened the scoring for the home team.

In the 21st, Canada was given the opportunity to put all things level from the spot, but a poorly taken penalty by Jonathan David kept the Japanese ahead.

Minutes after Davies’ own goal, another disaster class on defense from Canada sent the Japan attack flying on the counter, with Keito Nakamura sending the ball to the upper left of Borjan for the momentary 3-0.

The game was sent into halftime and with much to fix for interim head coach Mauro Biello on his team’s defensive work. The 15 minute pep talk, however, didn’t seem to fix much.

Just three minutes after the start of the second half, a beautiful tringulation at the edge of Canada’s box from the Japanese, topped off with a clinical finish from Ao Tanaka sealed the No. 17’s double and the fourth of the match.

Just embarrassing work from Canada on their back line.

However, not all was disastrous for Les Rouges on their attack. A a cross into the penalty mark in the closing minutes of the game, cleared by Osako left Junior Hoilett clear in front of goal to get one back for the Canadians to make it 4-1.

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