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After Beating Greece, Faroe Islands Captain Returns To Job As Carpenter

After the ref had blown his whistle three times, signaling the end of the Faroe Islands's epic takedown of heavily-favored Greece in the EURO 2016 qualifiers - and all the players had left the pitch, then changed, then left the stadium, and finally had been relieved of their national team duties for the time being - Andreas Samaris went back to Benfica. Giannis Maniatis went back to Olympiakos. Vaslieios Torosidis went back to Roma.

And Fróði Benjaminsen went back to work.

Where, you ask? Certainly the captain of the team that just pulled off the biggest upset of the year in international soccer must play for a pretty decent club, right? Maybe like a second-tier club or something? The Scottish Premiership? The Norwegian league? 

No. Fróði Benjaminsen didn't go back to his club. Fróði Benjaminsen doesn't have a club, at least not in the sense that most international footballers do. Fróði Benjaminsen is a carpenter. Seriously.

The Faroe Islands Football Association put up a Facebook post showing Benjaminsen doing something most footballers never do in their lives — manual labor. I know the game was only a week ago, but how is it possible an epic sports movie hasn't been made about the Faroe Islands yet? The premise is almost too perfect. It's like the Cool Runnings of the soccer world.

Anyway, ramblings aside, you should check out the video. It's in Dutch but there are English subtitles.




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