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Puma Commits An International War Crime Against Switzerland

Already the ugliest World Cup on every conceivable grounds, it seems like Puma has elected to pay homage to that fact with a horrendous new collection of away kits for its stable of competitors in Qatar — Switzerland, Uruguay, Senegal, Serbia, Ghana and Morocco.   

I feel bad for Switzerland. Here they are, qualifying for major tournament after major tournament with a population the size of Virginia, doing things like eliminating France at Euro 2020, and Puma does something like this to them. It's completely uncalled for. 

2022 World Cup Jerseys by Puma

Switzerland away 

It's never been easier for refs to put Granit Xhaka's name and number in the book. 

2022 World Cup jersey Switzerland

Uruguay away 

It shouldn't be that hard to create something beautiful for La Celeste. They've got one of the most classic aesthetics in world football, but this looks like a T-shirt for marathon runners. Perfect for if you want to be Steve Prefontaine for Halloween. 

2022 World Cup jersey Uruguay

Senegal away 

The champions of Africa don't get any special treatment. They look like a Hot Wheels car.

2022 World Cup jersey Senegal

Serbia away 

Serbia gets the exclamation bubble usually reserved for comic book characters exclaiming something like "FML!!!" — and that's exactly what Aleksandar Mitrović will be thinking in this thing. 

2022 World Cup Serbia jersey

Ghana away 

The Black Stars have had some truly memorable away shirts in the past. 

Embed from Getty Images

Now they're just confusing to look at.

2022 World Cup jerseys Ghana

Morocco away

I think this one actually works really well. One for six on the new concept, Puma. Great job.   

2022 World Cup jerseys Morocco

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Italy away

When graphic design is your passion. 

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