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The 2022-23 Premier League Ball Is A Celebration Of The League’s History

We officially have the design for the 2022-23 Premier League ball. Nike on Thursday released its latest version of the Nike Flight ball, which will be put in use for the upcoming season. The design is a throwback to the league's inaugural year in 1992, and it looks sleek

A Breakdown Of 2022-23 Premier League Ball

While not a composite copy of the 1992 ball, the Mitre Pro Max, the 2022-23 Premier League ball will feature the same colorway and was inspired by the cross-check design. Ball-making technology has come a long way in 30 years — Nike’s design will feature AerowSculpt technology, an aerodynamic design which promotes precision and clean ball striking, instead of the leather panels that featured on the Mitre ball. 

Nonetheless, the Pro Max is an iconic design, one which harkens back to the Premier League’s first great era. Fans of the ball will be reminded of Sir Alex Ferguson’s first-ever Premier League title in 1992, of formerly great Premier League sides like Blackburn Rovers and a time when kits were sponsored by beer producers instead of Middle Eastern airlines and online gambling companies. 

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It’s a nice touch by Nike, a subtle nod to a ball that remains influential to this day and a fun way to celebrate the Premier League’s 30th anniversary. The gesture comes at a fitting time, as it seems like we are on the cusp of a new Premier League era. Newcastle United and other clubs are seeing huge levels of investment, and the league is ushering in a new generation of stars, with Darwin Nuñez and Erling Haaland leading the list.


Arsenal and Crystal Palace will be the first sides to play with the new ball when the 2022 season kicks off on Aug. 5. 

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