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Best Drills To Improve Shooting

There are only minutes left in the game and your team is trailing by one goal. A loss for your team would mean elimination. Your team is building an attack and is in the final third of the opponent’s territory. You halt your run at the top of the 18-yard box, unmarked. A teammate seeks you out and slips the ball to your feet. Will you get a shot on target and save your team? Or will the ball fly 20 yards over the crossbar because you haven’t practiced your shooting? Hopefully you utilized these best soccer shooting drills.

Being able to get a strong shot on target is essential for every player (except the goalkeeper, unless they are feeling adventurous). If shooting isn’t your best attribute, these drills should have you finding the net in no time.

Best Soccer Shooting Drills

1. Shooting on your own

The equipment needed to improve shooting is quite minimal. A ball and a goal will suffice when alone. The objective for these drills is to improve accuracy and power. Shoot the ball from different areas of the 18 with the goal to hit each of the four corners in the goal. Being able to strike with both feet is essential so alternate feet with each shot.

Shooting while on the dribble is important as well. This video covers some of the basic shooting skills that every player needs.

2. Aerobic power and shooting

This drill requires more equipment but will help with agility and shooting. A coach might seek out to use this exercise in practice with players taking turns sprinting through various cones and then attempting a shot. To make the drill competitive, setting up two sets of the drill can make it a race between two teams to finish first.

3. Striking a moving ball

Being able to get solid contact and place the ball is not always easy when hitting it first time. This drill requires a second person to deliver crosses into the box. 

Start from the tip of the semicircle in front of the 18 and make a run into the box. Then have the second person send in quick low crosses. The objective now is to get a solid contact and try to direct the ball to the corners. Targets such as a ball on top of a cone sitting in the bottom corners can help provide an additional mark to hit.

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