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The Best Soccer Training Equipment For Players (2019 Edition)

When it comes to improving your skills as a player, Allen Iverson said it best: "We talking about practice." No, we don't mean it in the sarcastic way he said it. When it comes to ensuring on-field success during a match, it starts with training the right way during your practice sessions. And to train the right way, you need the right equipment. From goals to rebounders, pinnies to balls, there's no shortage of gear you could spend your money on. To help you out, we had our experts here at The18 put together a list of the best soccer training equipment available today. We picked these items because they are practical, designed to improve specific skills and, in most cases, affordable.

Most of these items are useful for both players and coaches (spare #8, #13 and #15), within a range of $12-350 dollars. No matter the price, their quality is excellent. Best of all, you can purchase almost all of these items on Amazon and have them shipped to your door within a day or two.

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The18 Picks: Training Equipment To Elevate Your Game In 2019

1. Kiwk Goal - Mini Disc Cone Set ($30)
2. SKLZ - Goalshot ($325)
3. QuickPlay PRO - Rebounder ($230)
4. PUGG - 6 Foot Pop-up Soccer Goals ($85)
5. SKLZ - Agility Ladder ($30)
6. Select - Numero 10 Soccer Ball ($44)
7. Unlimited Potential - Training Pinnies ($35) 
8. Kwik Goal - Coaches' Notebook ($13)
9. adidas - Tiro19 Training ($35)
10. adidas - Condivo Stadium Parka ($130)
11. adidas - Stadium Ball Bag ($42)
12. adidas - Stadium Backpack ($50)
13. Kwik Goal - Net Clips ($71)
14. Adidas - Copa Mundial Turf Cleats
15. GCI Outdoor - Freestyle Rocker ($50)
16. Futsolo - Sidekick Soccer Ball ($46)

The Full List: The Best Soccer Training Gear For Players And Coaches

1. Kiwk Goal - Mini Disc Cone Set

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Kwik Goal Cones

Best Training Equipment - Kwik Goal Mini Disc Cone Set  

Every coach needs cones. It’s a given. KwikGoal’s Mini Disc Cones are perfect for both coaches and players. The great thing about these mini cones is that they are just as durable as KwikGoals regular sized version and they take up a lot less space on the pitch with great visibility. They’re also lightweight and much easier to carry around than the larger version. In addition, smaller cones allow for tighter touches and more obstacles to dribble, pass, and play through.

2. SKLZ - Goalshot

Best Soccer Training Equipment - SKLZ Goalshot

Best Training Equipment - SKLZ Goalshot

If you’ve spent a good deal of time on Instagram looking up soccer videos, you will no doubt have seen one of these. Made specifically for shot training, the openings of the SKLZ Goalshot trainer are in the corners, bottom and top, of each net. Whether you’re looking to improve your shooting ability or to use for competitions in training, the SKLZ Goalshot is a fantastic edition to any training arsenal. Although there are a few limitations of the SKLZ Goalshot out there, this one is by far the best quality. This one was a no brainer to include on the list of best soccer training gear.

3. QuickPlay PRO - Rebounder

Best Soccer Training Gear - Rebounder

Best Training Equipment - QuickplayPro Rebounder

Rebounders are a fantastic way for players to train on their own. Playing the ball into the net allows the ball to shoot back at the player working on their passing, close control, and more. Quickplay PRO’s Rebounder is very sturdy and has multiple set-up configurations. The most common complaint about rebounders is the strength of the netting. This rebounder’s netting is sturdy and the rebounder has received plenty of positive reviews on its structural constitution. The rebounder also comes with a 2-year warranty just in case. 

4. PUGG - 6 Foot Pop-up Soccer Goals

Best Soccer Training Equipment - PUGG Goals

Pugg goals

Pugg Goals are a classic of small sided games. Perfect for all ages, Pugg goals are super lightweight and portable. Coming in their own carrying sleeve, Pugg goals have no beams or poles for setup, but instead they’re foldable and can be pegged into the ground. If the pegs break, the original 6ft wide goal set usually comes with a replacement kit.

5. SKLZ - Agility Ladder

Football Training Gear - Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder

In most cases, agility ladders are used for older teams or individual training; the SKLZ agility ladder is excellent for improving quick feet. Sturdy and easily portable with carrying bag, SKLZ's agility ladder can withstand a heavy beating and will last for years. This is a basic but mandatory entry on any list of the best soccer training gear.

6. Select - Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Select Ball

Select Ball

If there’s any ball strong enough to withstand years of training, Select has you covered. Select’s Numero 10 Soccer ball is not made with the cheap rubber that lower end soccer balls are made with. Instead made with synthetic leather and hand-stitched panels, the Numero 10 is a popular choice for training and match balls. Usually coming in around $45, the Numero is well worth the money and will last for a very long time.

7. Unlimited Potential - Training Pinnies

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Training Pinnies

Training Pinnies

Any soccer team needs pinnies to play each other in training. adidas makes their own training bib, but unfortunately they rip easily with weak fabric. Unlimited’s bibs are made well and can withstand rough play. While you may not need a bib for individual training, they are a necessary addition to any coaches training equipment haul.

8. Kwik Goal - Coaches' Notebook



Any good coach knows to take notes, whether mental or on paper. For the coaches who like to have their own notebook, KwikGoal has their own specific notebook for matchdays. You can write down the starting line-up, substitutes, and make tactical notes for future training sessions.

9. adidas - Tiro19 Training

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Adidas Tiro19 Training Pants

Training Pants

adidas soccer training apparel (aside from their pinnies) is absolutely top notch. A common article of clothing for players and coaches is adidas’ Tiro training pants. Comfortable and hemmed slim on the calfs, the tiro training pant is perfect for cool training temperatures or to stay fashionable on the sidelines. Although this is the men's version, the women's version of the pants really isn't too different.

10. adidas - Condivo Stadium Parka

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Parka


To complete the adidas look, adidas soccer jackets are another must have. adidas releases a stadium parka every year or so, and this parka should be on any player or coaches list for the colder months. Waterproof and well insulated, the adidas Condivo Stadium Parka is cut longer for more coverage. It also has a foldable hood and back vent. Player or coach, the stadium parka definitely makes you look official and will keep you nice and warm on those cold nights under the lights.

11. adidas - Stadium Ball Bag

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Ball Bag

Ball Bag

It’s pretty hard to carry 15 soccer balls by hand onto the training ground. If only there was some way to transport one of the most important pieces of training equipment. Look no further, as adidas’ Stadium ball bag can hold up 15 soccer balls. It even comes with a side pocket to put other stuff-phones, keys, wallets, etc.

12. adidas - Stadium Backpack



adidas makes it on the list again! Their stadium team backpack has a lifetime warranty and its built to last. With pockets for your cleats, and space for a ball and other items, the stadium backpack is tailored to suit the needs of today’s player. For coaches, the backpack is more than suitable to carry important team related materials, like a first aid kit, paperwork, player cards, extra clothing, etc. 

13. Kwik Goal - Net Clips

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Net Clip

Net Clip

Setting and keeping up soccer nets can be a real pain. Luckily, KwikGoal’s Net Clips are top notch. Light and strong, it’s not very often that you’ll need to buy these, but they will come in handy if a new net needs to be put on. 

14. Adidas - Copa Mundial Turf Cleats

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Turf Cleats

Turf Cleats

Copa Mundials are great cleats made by adidas. The turf version of the Mundials is easily one of the best for coaching and playing on turf in general. Since many older teams play or train o turf nowadays, turf shoes are necessary for any player or coach.

15. GCI Outdoor - Freestyle Rocker

Outdoor Chair

Outdoor Chair

This may not necessarily be utilized for training, but a coach needs a good chair when they aren't yelling or giving instructions. The GCI Freestyle Rocker is a excellently built foldable chair and it allows you to anxious rock back in forth during a tense match. In addition to being comfortable, it's relatively lightweight for the materials used to make it and it fits well in the car. It belongs on the list of best soccer training gear – even if just for the parents watching.

16. Futsolo - Sidekick Soccer Ball

Best Soccer Training Equipment - Futsolo Sidekick

Best Soccer Gifts - Tangle Creations Night Soccer Ball

Need to train by yourself? Need some work with ball control and juggling? Look no further than Futsolo's Sidekick training ball. Hold the cord in your hand, and kick the ball, and it will simulate any sort of pass you can possibly imagine to any part of your body. Definitely one of the best personal training balls on the market and a great item to cap off our list of the best soccer training equipment money can buy.

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