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Just when you think things can’t get any worse they do in this hilariously awful goal

One of the worst goals I’ve ever seen in a professional league was scored on Saturday in the Ukrainian Premier League. A comedy of errors led to what can only be described as a cataclysmic defensive failure.

The game was between Vorskla and Veres Rivne and in the 20th minute Vorskla led 2-0. They must have felt bad for their opponents or something because it’s hard to describe what went wrong on their goal kick.

Sit back, relax and watch this train wreck sequence of soccer.

Worst goal ever

What is going on?? Let’s break this down into some parts.

Part 1: Maybe I should just hoof this thing downfield instead of passing to my clearly marked defender.

Part 1

Part 2: We’re doomed.

Part 2

Part 3: Pass to my wide-open teammate to my left or panic? Let’s go panic.

Part 3

Part 4: Oh God, this is why coach told to me to work on my first touch.

Part 4

Part 5: “I got it!” they both yelled at the same time.

Part 5

Part 6: Sh*t.

Part 6

Despite Vorkla conceding this wild goal they still managed to pull off the 2-1 victory.

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drags on the Ukrainian Premier League continues as a showing of defiance and resilience.

It must be hard on the players.

The town where Saturday’s game was played, Rivne, was attacked by Russian drones just last week.

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