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Dudek’s save in the 2005 UCL Final shows why keepers must keep both feet on the line for PKs

Have you ever wondered why the rule that forces goalkeepers to keep both their feet on the goal-line during a penalty kick exists?

Well, an old video of Jerzy Dudek saving a penalty in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan has resurfaced on social media, serving as a prime example of why that is.

Warning, it's a hard watch.

Jerzy Dudek’s penalty save in the 2005 UCL Final is an exploiting nightmare

Penalty kicks are sometimes said to be a coin flip between the taker and the opposing goalkeeper. Nowadays, we see specialists like Jorginho creating new styles that increase the likelihood of their success, as well as keepers like Dibu Martinez who play mental games to increase their chances of saving the kick.

To each their own.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

However, years ago — before rules forcing goalkeepers to stay on the goal-line were introduced — keepers around the world would save penalties in the most blatantly illegal way possible for a goalkeeper playing in 2023, and they were doing it without much worry. Dudek, goalkeeper for Liverpool in 2005, was guilty as charged.

The exploitative technique decided things like a Champions League fianl, by the way.

And this was not the only penalty where he stood off his line. The Polish shot-stopper did this throughout the entire shootout and saved two spot kicks to crown Liverpool as champions.

Dida, Milan's goalkeeper, was free to repeat the technique, but the Brazilian was too naive to do so when standing between the posts.

Seeing these types of situations with high stakes in play 18 years later, we’re glad goalkeepers’ ability to take advantage of their position has been regulated. Perhaps two decades too late, right Milan?

Embed from Getty Images

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