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What's HotShot? The latest NWSL drinking trend, explained

It's the melt-your-nerves-to-cease-cramp craze that's been taking over the NWSL, but what is HotShot sports drink?

Well, on one hand it's a concoction that's just one viral TikTok challenge away from sending the majority of our nation's youth to the hospital, and on the other it's an instant remedy for athletes struggling with cramp.

HotShot is scientifically proven to reduce muscle cramps and reduce next-day soreness with a shot that triggers the sensory nerves in the mouth and esophagus, sending a calming signal to your spinal cord that then works to inhibit the repetitive firing of hyperactive nerves into your muscles to quickly stop your painful cramp.

The shot itself isn't exactly blue Gatorade — it's described as a "very pungent, hot taste" which might not be exactly what you're craving after running six miles under the June sun. But it gets the job done; it's just somewhat unusual to see it on the soccer pitch.

HotShot has a lot of testimonials from cyclists, CrossFit athletes, triathletes and marathon runners, but it wasn't until the Kansas City Current's Michelle Cooper reacted to slamming one that we were introduced to the drink.   

Then, on Sunday night, Angel City's Alyssa Thompson wanted a try.  

It's like watching people react to a shot of Malört. 

I've got a new rule proposal: If a player goes down with cramp at the end of the match and their team's leading, then (to prove they're not faking it just to waste time) they absolutely must consume a HotShot. Go ahead and take that idea Arsène Wenger, it'll improve the game.

There's another layer to the story with Cooper revealing that she'd texted Thompson about HotShot earlier. The two are close friends and played together for the USWNT at the 2022 U-20 World Cup. 

Keep one eye on our TikTok, where maybe I can convince a few people to do a shotski.

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