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Former Dutch Footballer Van Der Vaart Brutally Roasts Harry Maguire For Being Awful

Former Tottenham and Real Madrid midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart can’t seem to get enough of roasting the absolute hell out of Manchester United captain Harry Maguire. The former Dutch footballer took another shot at Maguire ahead of the Red Devils’ matchup with Aston Villa on Thursday.

Van der Vaart has a bone to pick with Maguire’s defending. Most notably when the English defender got nutmegged during Bournemouth’s first goal against Manchester United on July 4.

On Dutch TV station Ziggo, Van der Vaart said: “I think Maguire goes home every day and tells his wife, ‘I screw up, but I earn so much. They really believe I’m good.’ I really think so, he laughs at everyone.”

This isn’t the first time that Van der Vaart has been vocal on how much Maguire earns. After Manchester United signed Maguire from Leicester City for $97 million making him the world’s most expensive defender, Van der Vaart was less than pleased. He referred to Maguire as “by far the worst player on the pitch” during the UEFA Nations League and couldn’t believe how much was spent on him.

Another shot he took at Maguire was in October after Manchester United and Liverpool tied 1-1. Van der Vaart said on the same Dutch station: “If he is worth so much money, Virgil van Dijk is worth £300 million. If I am going to play with amateurs on Sunday afternoon, I can easily find three who can do what Maguire does. I mean that seriously. A bit silly to say, but I really think so.”

If it were up to the former Dutch International, he said he would rather have Bournemouth’s Nathan Ake at defender than Maguire. This idea isn’t too far-fetched after cameras picked up what sounded like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer talking to Ake after the match, saying his team needed a left-footed defender.

Van der Vaart: Full-time Maguire hater, part-time Manchester United transfer scout.

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