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15 Savage Nutmegs That Broke The Internet And Ended Once-Promising Careers

During Racing Club’s 5-0 defeat of Patronato in the Argentine Primera Division on Sunday, 20-year-old forward Lautaro Martinez — who just received his first Argentina call-up and is reportedly being heavily courted by both Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan — provided the play of the weekend with just two delicate touches of the ball. 

His intricate little tippy tap sent the ball through the legs of the defender, ending his life and sending his soul down the river Styx. 

And while a nutmeg is simply defined as putting the ball between an opponent’s legs, this wonderful little variant from Martinez shows just how limitless the ways of going about it are. 

The best nutmegs ever

Ronaldinho? Yeah, he's in the list. Photo: @sportfocusgroup | Twitter

Here are 15 nutmegs that we thoroughly enjoy for a wide range of reasons. Some involve audacious pieces of skill and fantastic finishes, others triggered unforgettable responses or involved the world’s greatest players being devastatingly humbled. 

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15 Of The Best Nutmegs Ever (In No Particular Order)

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo pulls an elastico nutmeg on Wigan's Jimmy Bullard and then dances around for a while.

#2. Lionel Messi drops James Milner; Pep Guardiola loses it in the stands.

#3. Luis Suarez megs David Luiz TWICE in the UCL quarterfinals  

#4. Etienne Capoue destroys Jesse Lingard, the fun-loving Lingard appreciates it.

#5. Cristiano Ronaldo abuses Northern Ireland.

#6. Ronaldinho wrecking Chievo.

#7. Adel Taarabt with the ultimate piece of showmanship vs. Norwich.

#8. Juan Roman Riquelme does something the world's never seen before vs. Rosario Central.

#9. Anthony Martial ruins Andros Townsend; Townsend provides our favorite reaction of all-time.

#10. Christian Eriksen dices someone with no mercy.

#11. Zlatan gets murked, but he loves it.

#12. Steven Gerrard meets Ronaldinho, immediately regrets making his acquaintance.


#14. Neymar takes the entire Atletico Mineiro defense to the cleaners.

#15. HISTORICAL TREAT: Pele explodes Franz Beckenbauer. 

MEGA BONUS: Savage coach pulls a double nutmeg on the same player

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