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Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will be in FIFA 23

It has officially been confirmed that this year, everyone's favorite mustachioed American soccer coach will be making an appearance in the FIFA video game series. Following a bit of speculation in recent weeks, a new tweet from Ted Lasso himself teased the announcement on Tuesday, before EA guaranteed it Wednesday. 

It's time to BELIEVE. Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will be a playable team in FIFA 23, in several different game modes including, kick-off, career mode and even Ultimate Team. Referencing Mario in his caption, Lasso appeared to be utilizing face scanning technology to create a video game likeness of himself. While he himself did not directly state what video game it was, EA Sports FIFA commented on the post essentially ensuring that in some way, Ted Lasso would be making an appearance of some kind in FIFA 23. The official confirmation came just a day later when EA Sports FIFA made an announcement video.

In Kick-Off, players will be able to use AFC Richmond and even play in the Greyhounds' home stadium, Nelson Road, and the club will also be playable in both Online Friendlies and Online Seasons. In Ultimate Team, AFC Richmond's jerseys, TIFOs and other accessories will be available through objectives and challenges. Players can also choose to play as Ted Lasso himself in Career Mode as well as use Ted or Coach Beard in Ultimate Team.

How great will it be to hop into a transfer deal and hear Ted Lasso negotiating as he tries to sign Gio Reyna? Personally, we can't wait to see a cutscene in the infamous locker room or hear one of Ted's amazing speeches. It will be incredible to be able to play with the full squad including Sam Obisanya, Jamie Tartt and obviously Roy Kent because if there's anyone who deserves 99 aggression, it's definitely Roy Kent. 

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