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Sydney Leroux Just Destroyed Every Former Boys High School Soccer Player With One IG Post

Sydney Leroux’s Instagram page is a marvel. Posts typically come in three types: showing off her adorable kids, trying to sell you something and, my personal favorite, her being a badass.

We’ll file this latest post under that final category. 

On Tuesday night, the World Cup winner absolutely destroyed just about everyone who has ever played boys high school soccer and thought they were big shots because of it. Sure, she’s a week or two late to the “He’s a 10 but” meme, but we’ll give her a pass because she nailed it.

Leroux humiliated toxically masculine men who diminish women’s sports by comparing their pathetic athletic accomplishments to those of women who are among the best in the world — then she took it a step further.

Dropping into the replies, Leroux mocked every high school athlete’s visions of grandeur.

Sydney Leroux on Instagram

Sydney Leroux on Instagram

Sydney Leroux on Instagram

I’m dead, especially that “stopper” comment.

Having covered high school sports for many years, I’m quite familiar with teenage athletes who think they’re hot shit only to graduate and get a quick dose of reality. Sometimes though, those high school heroes never realize they were simply a big blobfish in a dirty Motel 6 pool and carry a distorted view of their abilities for the rest of their lives. 

At least until they meet Sydney Leroux, who, mind you, has won a Women’s World Cup and an Olympic gold medal.

Leroux recently left the Orlando Pride for Angel City and has quickly acclimated to her new life on the West Coast, which is no surprise considering she played college ball at UCLA. 

I can’t help but wonder what instigated this post. My working theory is that since she and former USMNT striker Dom Dwyer divorced in 2021, Leroux has recently dipped back into the dating pool. Perhaps she’s been on a few dates with some egotistical LA douchebags who still talk about their high school exploits as if they’re somehow impressive to a woman who has a couple world titles to her name. 

If this is the case, Sydney is more than welcome to come to Boulder, Colorado, where she can go on a date with a doughy, balding sportswriter who will not brag about my one career varsity goal or think I would have any chance to stop her one on one. 

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